The Fantasia realm of the Xians

This realm is a bit of a WIP. Some information may be rewritten to better convey the ideas later. Because this world is mostly locked, please just look to the species for now.

Xiassoros (or Xia for short) is a realm that explores the most traditional ideals of fantasy that would made any skeptic believe in magic. The realm just in its very geology makes little sense and makes scientists of the natural world question reality. A section of the realm looks as if it was struck by a meteor and is completely blown away and yet frozen in time. Now the pieces separated from the realm float in this large region making beautiful floating staggered islands.  The basin below filled in with the sea water where the realm’s wound now hides.


The realm makes it clear it is nothing like Earth, for it is a moon orbiting a much larger planet with rings that can be seen dimly in the sky at nearly all hours. The atmosphere always has a rather Aethereal glow of lavenders mixed with golds that complement the rich greenery of its tropical forests. In the far distances a dead forests lacking of all foliage with dead tree trunks of what might have been sparsely placed over the swamp and tar pits that lead to the ominous rumbling mountain where the great Abyssal Dragons lurk.


Much like Talamh, the core of this planet does not seem to have Iron, as its magnetics do not work at all. There may be some Esoteric theories that Talamh too would have floating islands if it had the same catastrophe as Xia has. Equally so, the species of Xia have an Iron allergy and seem to be more imbued with “magic” due to its closer proximity to the sun. Additionally, the fact that it is a moon rather then a planet gives a lighter gravity then what those of other realms might be used to. One of its most notable features, is at the base of the floating island are many blue crystals attributed to being around doorways that illuminate even within the night. These crystals seem to be more abundance in this realm sheerly due to the massive exposure of what was once beneath the souls.


Culturally, it is broken apart into many kingdoms of both natives and nonnatives. There is an Elven, Sidhe and Fairy population here from when the doorways were once open along with a human kingdom. However, the world is primarily dominated by the most wondrous species known as Xians (pronounced as Zi-ons). These major species are the Naga, Satyr, centaur, Harpies and the Abyssal Dragons. Here whom rules the Islands of the sky or the crystals of their underbelly is the primary ruler and thus civilization has taken to the sky on the backs of the Fauna bringing the legend of Dragon, Gryphon, Eagle, Pegasi and even Phoenix riders only possible from the fanciful grim fauna abundant in the realm.

『 Status 』

Semi Open- This world is considered to be currently locked but open for RP under the conditions that they will not be able to go to and from this realm from either side until it is being discovered in canon campaign (TBA). Once the campaign has explored the realm it will become available to move to other realms.
Species are still playable in other areas if they were born elsewhere.

This realm has lighter gravity; not enough to float, but those coming here will feel lighter and those leaving will feel... heavier. 

About Xiassoros

The realm of the Xian Dragon Riders 

These slides are designed to give you a world-build of what Xiassoros is like to either describe character origins or to roleplay inside the world without having to do any major world-building of your own. 

This information is not designed to be memorized, but to be referenced as needed on your adventures. 

Species of Xisssoros


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