The Ten Realms

While more than ten realms potentially exist, there are strictly ten that have found themselves connected in energy and thus Fate. They all share the same stars, the same planets, the same energy flow, and the same eternal dance of light and dark. While this symbiotic relationship has and always will remain true, each world posseses its own races, ethnicity, “countries”/kingdoms, royalty, flora, fauna, cultures, structures, and problems. What keeps them all connected are two realms that sit in the middle of the dance: Earth and the Lost Realm.

This is not to say other worlds are not also lost. Only four realms have known open doorways in the beginning. As each world is discovered, new pieces of the lore are discovered.

Lore is in a separate section on this site, here on these pages you will learn more about the physical locations, climate, culture and other information you will need to navigate through those realms in RP.


Note: None of this information is designed  to be memorized, but to be referred to as needed in RP.

This realm is of the Fae. Elves, Fairy, Sidhe, gnomes and more; all living in disharmony. It is the primary influence of Earth in the Supernatural

A realm of 98% Ocean water. With such little land it's no wonder no doorways have ever been seen to this world as they only exist in the oceans.

The inferno "below" had little to do with up and down; but more for its close proximity to the Abyss that has destroyed it. Much mythology surrounds this realm, but in actuality it is a dying world struggling to keep alive.

While every world has its physical space, the in between is the world unseen that connects them all. Unequally, there are species that come from this aether.

A world full of the traditional fantasy creatures people might be more attuned to. This world has random doorways open but is not yet discovered.

While there is flora there is no fauna. This dead realm has not yet been explored.

This realm has had doors open and closed to Earth repeatedly. The most recent occurred in Russia but it has not yet been explored.

Light and Dark; ying and yang... two worlds that can only be explored by those birthed from them.

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