The Prophecy

A long, long time ago an event called the "Black Rose Eclipse" occurred when all the stars, planets, moons and sun aligned in all of the Ten Realms simultaneously. This rare occurrence only happens close to every ten thousand years. The Black Rose Eclipse is one of the most beautiful and frightening events, for it looks like a feathered black rose in the sky with its petals on fire. As it occurs, the veil thins so severely that each realm can look into the sky and see the flow of Aether and the rotations of the other realms. During the event all those capable of precognition share a vision of the Aether’s voice, all seeing the same exact vision.


The last one to occur showed that there would be a child of the Null born of all of the elements that would rise to be the ruler of all Ten Realms and with companion of a pathfinder born of the in-between, would together bring balance to the Ten Realms.


This prophecy birthed what would be known as The Order of the Black Rose, a band of people made of all realms who would see the prophecy to fruition. But time has lost the details of these visions, and little is known of when and what must be done.


Some looked to the Aether more eagerly awaiting fulfillment in their lifetime, while others seek out to kill all children of the null and pathfinders alike to prevent it out of power and greed. Most have simply forgotten as too much time has long passed. 

But if one remains superstitious, they might know the signs…


  • The veil will begin to thin, spilling Aether through wild cracks and doorways which will bring the abyssal infection to all worlds.

  • The first and only child pure of the sun will fall from the stars to speak for the realm of the Light.

  • A pathfinder conceived in the Aether will be born with no spoken true name.

  • The voice of the Abyss will be heard and walk among the many.

  • The first of the locked doors will be opened when the Human sky is blocked.

  • A Null will be born of broken houses.

  • A solar eclipse will occur in all ten realms, followed by a sync in weather patterns.

  • Doorways to the lost worlds will one by one open.

  • The  doorway to the Lost Realm will be opened by the children of the prophecy with the wild hunt as their army.

  • Humanity will be free and sit among the council of the Ten Realms.

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