The Aether 

The Aether (also referred to as the in-between) is not truly a realm; rather a plane of existence. The Aether is a current of energy that flows in a loop through all ten Realms and with it non-corporeal entities. It is both heaven hell or otherwise the “after life”; the raw energy that helps create life and the remaining energy after death absorbed. This loop is also called “the river of life” or even exists in some human mythologies such as Styx. It is made up of all six elements in constant swirl, thus Esoteric scientists believe that the species that have access to all the elements are Aether touched.

Concepts such as the "Wild Hunt” stems from the non-corporeal entities that travel in the Aether whom consume essence of the living. In Talahm this is a large superstition built upon the unknown with some truth. For example Sin-eaters, in a non-corporeal state, that travel in the Aether may come to feed off of Oathbreakers. Talamh is not the only realm with beliefs that stem from the activity of the Aether, as almost every realm is affected by it in some manner that lingers in the background of mythologies, religions and strange anomalies of activity.

For example the human concept of Angels and Demons come from Aethereans that lean more Sun based conflicting with more Abyssal Aethereans as they are always in opposition giving the story of angels versus the fallen angels lore. Or, Specters haunting locations leading to Demonic superstitions.

Many deities through history were never in fact gods, but rather Aether entities pretending to be so for amusement or some personal benefit. In truth, only Aether based entities seem to be aware of this given that religions are still dominating in many realms. 

『 Status 』

Referenceable - The Aether runs between all the worlds and can be both used and referenced activity. However it is not a world to roleplay in, merely a plane of existence and mode of transportation.


In the Aether all elements exist in a constant and sometimes volatile manner. The constant swirling interactions is what is theorized to produce spontaneous life such as the Aethereans and what makes the concept of Specters possible.

As such, all Aether entities can exist in all 8 realms even if they have elemental leanings of opposition.
No entities purely birthed from the Sun or Abyss exist outside the prophecy and thus no Aether entity can exist in either of those two realms(for canon purposes); These realms are considered too pure and powerful to withstand.

Typically an Aether entity only wields the element they are primarily of, in some cases two that compliment each other. But there exists many who are made up of all elements equally and in turn weak to them equally.  

If someone is a seer, telepathic, empathic or otherwise has a mystic ability they are consider “Aether touched” (touched by all elements)  as one needs access to the river of life in order to do such things.

Special Features

Doorways between worlds is considered Aether magic, such that one must tap into the Aether in order to open or close a doorway to another world. In some cases, doorways include a long and obscure Aether hallway when passing from one world to another that is often referred to as the “in between”.


The ability to make new doorways is a very rare ability that extends only from the Aether touched( For canon story purposes this ability is locked). However, there are hundreds if not thousands of wild doorways through all the realms currently open that anyone can accidently find, close and or walk through.

There are also weak points where a door might have been or be starting to form in which some can break through. 

Species of the Aether

Non corporeal entities of fantastic capability and spectators made when they leave their first body. Between these two, the space of the Aether is filled with non-corporeal entities and they can take bodies in any realm. 

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