Realm of the Fae

Talamh (pronounced tall-ah, tall-aff or tall-oo) is a realm that might seem ‘behind the times’ in terms of technology, but this is due to the fact that it doesn’t have an iron core, which prevents the modern Earth technology from working.  The Fae of Talamh instead have developed steam powered technology, though it is most common to see this ‘steampunk’ sort of machinery in the major cities around the world.  These major population hubs, one would find themselves immersed in an environment that is eerily similar to the Earth’s Victorian era.


However, upon venturing away from large populations, one would find that the technology used in the cities isn’t common in more rural areas.  The unwise traveller can encounter friendly or not so friendly creatures and Fae folk along their travels, and it is suggested for those unfamiliar with Talamh not to explore without some guide to help them avoid more hostile or insular pockets of Fae that are not keen on strangers visiting.


This world is heavy in politics within the Courts, and can be very inhospitable to the naive or very trusting individual, particularly amongst the Seelie or Unseelie Court.  While this realm is not quite so much ‘every man for themself’ as Pandamonium is, strength, cunning and ability to deceive without direct lying is prized.  Respect is hard won, and true loyalty a thing not to be shunned.  Those of Talamh take Oaths very seriously, and if the phrase ‘Bidh dorchadas a ’caitheamh orm ma bhriseas mi a’ bhòid seo’ is heard, it is understood that the Oath is considered binding.


'Oathbreaker' is a word whispered or spoken of in trusted environs, as all have heard some story of someone being discovered as an Oathbreaker and running in utter terror or turning to try to fight unseen entities.  Oathbreakers have not then been seen or heard from again, so what or where they go is unknown.  Because of this, those from Talamh tend to take giving an Oath much more seriously than other Realms might.  Talamh is a beautiful world, with much flora and fauna that are certainly different from other realms, but also proof that beautiful does not mean something cannot still do serious harm to someone.

『 Status 』

OPEN - This world is currently playable with doorways open to Earth as well as Pandemonium that are known. Thus, your character can role play activity in this world and move to others that are currently open

About Talamh

Realm of the Fae

These slides are designed to give you a world-build of what Talamh is like to either describe character origins or to roleplay inside the world without having to do any major world-building of your own. 

This information is not designed to be memorized, but to be referenced as needed on your adventures. 


The Fae

Species of Talamh 

Talamh is home for many species of people from the Sidhe, Elves, Fairy, Alpen, Orc, Dryad and more. Because of its proximity to the Sol source it is far more diverse in populations that Talamh historians believe in ancient times, before documentable times, were all derived from the same peoples. 

Because it is a far more magical world that once created the mirror doors, there are many non native species that also live among the natives of Talamh. We have only listed the ones in FULL on what we have homebrew or had to set parameters for to keep the worlds balanced. If you do not see one on the list, or on our "other Fae" list, chat with us as it might be in a different world.

These species can be found in other worlds of the Ten Realms.  Because they originate here, this is where you can read on the information of races in more detail. 

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