The Sun & Abyss

All worlds have been blessed with the four elements of water, air, fire and nature; but two additional elements exist and are the only two that occupy a single and complete realm of their own. The Sun and the Abyss are the 1st and 10th of the Ten Realms producing a strange balance of light and dark, creation and destruction, life and death.

Some worlds are primarily dominated by one or the other, having dramatic effects on the races that have inhabited the area for so long. In other cases, these energies can effect individuals and such could be harnessed in the use of magic.


Out of all the realms, the Sun and the Abyss have never once birthed their own entities leading to some narrowed eyes when the signs of the prophecy suggested such.  The two realms are inhabitable and would lead to certain death as pure sources of this energy, no matter how energy-rich an entity is.

The Sun

The Sun has been worshiped for thousands upon thousands of years for being a bringer of life, a god and the source of survival for many across all of the remaining 8 realms. Esoteric philosophers’ debate that the Sun itself is the founder of the four elements and potentially the source of traditional magic. In this theory, the Sun is a realm of pure light energy. Pure light energy has touched many sources such as the 'Fountain of Youth' and entities that became creationists confused for gods. Holy magic is in fact Sun energy confused for being in relation to a specific deity. The reason concepts of holy water or prayers working against dark entities is due to the natural opposition of the Sun and the Abyssal energies.

This is to say that Sun based entities and realms are weaker to the Abyss or within the darkness. Still, no heavily Sun based entity has ever been able to step foot on the Sun; it has thus been considered to be too pure that one losses themselves to purification and becomes one with the realm itself. This has led to a great deal of mythology that it is the “universal energy” in which souls return to when they die to later be reborn from. There is no proof for or against this, only that nothing has ever been born of the Sun outside of the prophecy saying such a thing can or will occur.

Entities more “Sol touched” tend to be confused greatly with other elements, remaining fairly ambiguous. They tend to have a stronger aptitude for magic use in general and are more likely to be immortal or eternally youthful. The Sidhe are prime examples of a heavily Sol touched race, manifesting in their aura glows and long lived youthful appearances. A Paladin or Healer would be a prime example of a Sol Magic users. 

Note: Just because someone is Sol touched by the Sun Energy does not mean they are inherently holy or "good". It merely represents their strengths, weaknesses and origins of their abilities.

The Abyss

While the Sun itself has remained an anomaly of the Ten Realms, the Abyss is one of the great mysteries. Like all things of the darkness, it is spoken about less or perhaps less have survived it. It is not inherently evil, but the Abyss IS greatly misunderstood being confused with a corruption, virus, disease or otherwise blight. Perhaps this has much to do with its nature for it was born with the Sun in its opposition; instead of creating life it takes or change it.

The Abyss is and always has been a balance to the light and a catalyst of great changes in realms, species and specific entities. Much like the Sun it has a few realms that it primarily dominates and leads a foundation to magics very few would ever relate to it. For instance, the Abyss enhances or changes the four primary elements to create lightening, tar/oil/decay, lava and ice. It is strongly suspect that Abyss mixed with the light creates “anti-matter” but all experiments in this had failed.


Most all Abyssal magic creates or is part of an “infection” or taint that is confused for evils of the Ten Realms. It is the foundational energy for curses, satanic witchcraft, viruses (such as vampires, were’people) and anything that requires exchanged or sacrifice. For a good two thousand years in the human realm, this was confused for satanic dealings with demons and hell; However, this is a grand misconception. The Abyss requires a source of life or energy to change or use in order to conjure or manipulate the Abyssal energies. This Abyssal magic often requires blood, animal or people sacrifices to do great things. In some cases it requires great self sacrifice that can lead mutations, decay and living as the undead.

In some cases, the Abyss answers the call of individuals who seek life still in death. It blesses them with its energy and they evolve to live conditional lives, feeding off of life in some fashion or another. An example of this are vampires and soul eaters.

Like the sun, any Abyssal touched entity does not fair well against the day light or in realms dominated by its energy.

Note: Abyssal based entities are not inherently "evil"; it manifests differently in races and worlds and in some cases can be contagious. 

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