Every roleplay group has rules and guidelines. We are a semi-strict community such that we have parameters one must fall into to play in our world. This is not to prevent fun but to ensure our world remains balanced and fair.


Note: It’s important to make the distinction that a RULE is something that WILL be enforced whether it is liked or not, while a GUIDELINE is a parameter or “social norm” to comfortably fit in the group. Meaning we will not enforce guidelines. These are here to help you understand how to fit in.


Respect fellow players. We do not discriminate against players for any reason and we maintain that our characters do not reflect on who we are as people.

Our characters' words and actions do not always equal our own nor do they reflect on our real-life experiences. They are to be treated as what they are, fictional characters, and not the player themselves. This rule includes that as players we do not push our politics, religion, propaganda or negativity onto others or the group. This is for fun, not a therapy session. Please make sure to keep that in mind when casually chatting, as some conversations might make others feel awkward or uncomfortable.

This group is for adults 18+ only. Player discretion advised. This group can and will at times contain In character adult themes such as sexual content, blood, gore, violence, war, horror, psychological trauma, death, politics, strategic planning, organized crime, investigations, power changes, all forms of abuse, slavery, racism, taboos, deceit, blatant undisclosed lies, manipulation, strong use of language and otherwise potentially triggering content. Minors are strictly prohibited due to NSFW RP being in violation of US Law between adults and minors. To protect our players we have age validating in place.

We will NOT censor this content beyond the request of (NSFW) singular tags. If you are uncomfortable with fictitious adult or dark themes, then you must 1) use active communication with your partners in discussing boundaries, 2) Do not read roleplays you are not part of, or 3) not be a part of our community.  This is a community built by dark themed role-players for dark themed role-players; if you desire stronger filters for this content there are other communities that will gladly have you – so have the respect and courtesy to not try to censor ours.

For this reason, anyone under the age of 18 is strictly not allowed in our community.

Certain threads are required to have (NSFW) tags in topic descriptions to warn onlookers of the content inside threads.
​These are for heavily explicit content (minor involvement of blood, sexual innuendo or character nudity is not included in this); While these themes are absolutely allowed in the group, they can SOMETIMES be too much for people while they are at work, visiting family or in public (especially if there are pictures or gifs). Please give them this small courtesy of a warning so they can maybe hide their screen first (or expect something that might be upsetting).

  1. Any vivid explicit sexual conduct, consenting or not.
  2. Detailed Violent Torture or murder.

  3. Graphic gore descriptions

  4. Media embedding of explicit content & nudity. (images and videos)

  5. Anything with more than 4 legs tends to make people scream. (Let's be honest you can just put [bug] warning instead of NSFW).

Characters must adhere to normal laws of physics/biology/chemistry/technological function. OP/godmodding/power playing is prohibited. Unrealistic behavior without causation (such as an ability or magic) is unacceptable.  Please leave your Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or anime physics at the door.

This group operates on the concept that magic and abilities are based on 'what goes in must come out. Meaning that they require energy or materials that can be exhausted with over-use, have limits and/or counter weaknesses. Abilities with 'absolute' results or characters showing aptitude in all magic/abilities is frowned upon. We have a strict set up for magic and abilities, ensure you read it and conform to it as it will be firmly moderated.

Characters and interactions must adhere to the world/environment provided.
There is a lot of room for creativity and growth, but there is no room for things that do not belong. We have built not just a world but Ten Realms (A Universe) to roleplay within that has influences but nothing to do with works of literature, movies, shows, games or otherwise fanfiction related content. We will not accept anything that does not fit in our design such as Aliens, spaceships, cyberpunks, lore that is not ours or unapproved homebrews. Our universe has its own lore for a reason, to be fair, balanced without unintended lore conflicts. Please respect this and please bring your original characters only.

This group operates under the concept of actions = consequences. This applies to character verbal interactions, actions, violence and combat.

What you do and say matters here. You cannot ignore interactions nor will people ignore yours as this is a group BASED on actions and consequences in design. Please practice making smart choices on your character or be willing to accept the consequences of their actions to avoid potential OOC drama.
WE DO NOT DO RETCONS. Once a reply has been made to your post you will not be allowed to “rewrite” if you do not like the results. Embrace conflict and loss.

Roleplay etiquette applies here. All threads unless stated otherwise are required to follow posting order which is generally established in the order people first respond to the thread. If someone opens an (open) thread for others to jump in on... please respect their ideas, keep on topic, and do not hijack or stonewall it for your own purpose. If you want to work in your ideas or topics, then please start your own (open) threads or ask the original author for permission.

Otherwise this is seen as trolling or simply rude.

We have strict character requirements in our universe that pertain to skill, abilities, weaknesses, lore, and American Legal requirements.

Because we are HARD CORE about vetting applications, we will not validate any characters that are a Work-in-progress (WIP). We will suspend characters who change their character sheet after being vetted. Our restrictions are:

  1. The Player and character must be 18+ years of age and resemble an adult. (American Legal reasons)

  2. If you read this entire rule book then you need to save this code phrase for your application: Han shot First.

  3. Your character sheet must include at the least: species, skills, abilities, weaknesses, magical items/weapons, along with services/wares clearly listed with some form of description if they are applicable. This includes fluency of languages.

  4. Your character must have mandatory realm, species and magic stats stacks that are pre-written.

  5. If you are hosting your character externally and point people to look at THAT profile over the forums profile it MUST contain the information of our character sheet requirements.

We reserve the right to interpret behavior as we see it and talk to people accordingly. Please follow the rules so everyone has a good time 

​Real life always comes first. Always.


There are no writing length, style or format expectations in our rules to be enforced. Social Expectations: The greater majority of our player base is multi-paragraph, 3rd person and past tense. Post lengths are often 2-8 paragraphs long. Thus, there is a social expectation to provide a minimum of 1-2 paragraph of substance for consistency or we cannot guarantee RP.

There is no time frame expectation for replies. Time etiquette: Please respect players you are engaging with by giving notice if you are able. This way you do not leave them hanging. If it has been 7+ days since a reply, players in small groups are ok to skip so their threads don’t die. It is encouraged to PM if its been a while and check in.Players are Admin/Moderator approved to skip other players in designated group scenarios after 72 hours of it being their turn such that it keeps moving - unless notice is otherwise provided.

There is no “combat system” applied to this group. Players are allowed to use freeform, dice, or any other combat system they desire so long as it's agreed upon by all parties involved. Major injuries and death is at the consent and discretion of players involved per. Please practice active communication on comfort levels with partners involved. We will moderate "griping" because of lost battles. Lick your wounds and move on. 

Roleplay is Uncensored. Sensitivity should be left at the door when it comes to RP as our characters are not their players. This is an adult group with adult themes with no restrictions on how ‘bad’ characters can be. If you are uncomfortable with a particular form of RP or character types then you should communicate with your partner(s). Though we do ask that rule #3 is maintained for warning of onlookers when applicable. We will not cater to censorship of fictitious writing or personal phobias or discomforts. We all have them, they are all different.. and if we did try to manage them we would all be sitting in a circle roleplaying slice of life only. It is your individual problem to manage your anxieties, insecurities, phobias, fears or discomfort; not ours.

Adult language is 100% allowed and will not be censored.

Smut is allowed; However, this is a group such that everyone can and likely will be reading your public threads. It is up to you and your partner’s comfort levels to decide if you wish to Fade-to-black, move to private, or write it out in public. Please use (NSFW) tags accordingly.Please note we are NOT a smut community. We accept it as adult content but if you are here for only smut writing without other roleplay, you are going to struggle.

Dark themed RP is allowed;
Dark RP that includes Confrontation | Violence | Gore | ‘dark’ Sexual Content | Death | Otherwise unsettling depictions towards NPCs, PC or Consenting partner is 100% allowed. Some of us absolutely love it. We have no restrictions on how fucked up or bad a character can be and remain capable of discerning between a character and its player. Did you get through Rules & Guidelines? remember this code: Han shot first

    You can run Auctions!

Auction etiquette: In opening of an Auction that is tagged (open) we suggest you provide ample time to other characters to participate before replying to your thread in response to interested parties. We suggest waiting 24-48 hours before replying to allow other members from various time-zones to see and participate. These happen so rarely, we also suggest using a LFRP ad to find interest before starting as some have found the time it takes to get an auction going to be discouraging.
*Players who show interest in auctions but cannot respond right away, we encourage to reply with an OOC note saying such or sending a PM such that the thread author is aware and can wait for the expected response.

*If you have any questions about the rules above, please contact admin or moderators to ask questions. we are happy to clarify anything for you.

Breaking Rules

We do not operate on any form of “3-strikes rule” and we do not play favorites; We will always be as objective as possible and investigate every situation rather than taking sides.

No one is above our rules; not friends, family or staff. If you break a rule and it has been interpreted that it was intentional or you are repeatedly disobeying them, your account will be suspended until resolution is found. If you are kind, understanding and considerate showing desire to be part of the community and play within our parameters we will always work with you to make that possible.

However, if you are rude, disrespectful, condescending, difficult to work with or otherwise showing malicious behavior, then we will ensure the people who WANT to be part of the community are safe and protected by removing you from the group.


*That being said, if you disagree with anything we have established in the group, you are welcome to give us feedback in a constructive and diplomatic fashion. We are always looking for ways to improve and fill gaps; We just prefer you do it in a separate dialogue then “talk back” for rule violation issues. 
All in all, we are pretty chill so long as you are chill too.

Breaking Guidelines 

Ultimately, guidelines are just guidelines, and nothing is written there to be enforced. They are just extra notes to help players feel comfortable about common things that are usually rules in other communities. So, RELAX… you are not going to get any boots for a 2 liner on a bad day that is a week late.

All we can say is that if you are not following guidelines on etiquette, posting length and time frames, you might find yourself struggling greatly in the community. Not with us the staff, but with other players who may choose to avoid you.

We have no rules that dictates anyone is required to roleplay with others. Only that they have to acknowledge your character’s words or actions even if it’s a cold shoulder.

Players who are Minors
Or suspected to be 

We have done all that we can to prevent minors from joining our community. However, there is still a chance someone might wiggle through our defenses and warnings. We do not require age verification. Please do not directly engage a person to ask their age. Instead, report your suspicions to us with some conditions as to why you believe they are a minor. We will investigate the matter in a calm, objective and diplomatic manner.

Anyone who is suspected of being a minor will be required to go through our age verification process. If the player is age verified then we have seen proof of their legal identification and all suspecitions will be disregarded. If you wish to avoid suspicions completely, you can go through this process right away and have an Age verified role applied to you by admin.

Further harassment against verified players will be dealt with by Moderators as a violation of rule #1

Age Authentication process

You do not need to be suspected of being a minor to go through the age verification process. You may do this at any time. Our process is as non invasive as possible and is conducted in private PMs/DMs with Admin; Morrigan and Mipps only.

Take out your legal ID and cover it with cut out or strips of paper so only the top banner of your ID and date of birth shows. On a piece of paper write down your username to your main account on the forums and your discord ID with the numbers. Do not worry about additional sub account characters as admin can see these attached to your main account on the backend.  Take a picture of this with your phone or any other digital camera and sent us a copy in Discord private message or a private message on the forums. We do not store this information and will validate all your characters and accounts by providing you special roles. 


The Order of the Black Rose Roleplay Group © 2020 by Mipps and Morrigan