The doorways to Pelagius have always been open, it was just impossible to tell due to the fact that they all exist in the oceans underwater. The Legend of Atlantis is the lore that will lead to this realm, for there once was a doorway that sat above the city pouring its waters from beneath the ocean of Pelagius over it. Though, this surface doorway closed during the incident that swallowed this human city and now it sits in Pelagius where the doorway once stood leaving only a weakness in the veil of the Aether.

However, other doorways remain open and folk of other worlds on ships or beneath the sea constantly wander unsuspectingly. In Palagius you will find tall ships, modern fishing boats, missing submarines, planes and other sorts of travelers vessels that have traversed these doorways. While very few of them work any longer… there are a few “pirate” ghost ships that made legendary history on Earth due to their knowledge of the doorways which they used to appear and disappear on unsuspecting ships they pillaged. In a vague sense, Palagius is home of the tall tale of Neverland. While it does not have an island of children, it does have some land masses roughly the size of the Hawaiian Islands where those who got lost now survive mixed with the freshwater species of the realm. It mostly consists of humans, but a fea Fae of Talamh and races of Xiassoros can be found her.


Additionally, floating on the great seas, debris has been used to create a floating colony that survives off filtering the salt water and fishing for food. They deal with the constant threat of various merfolk who wish to rid them of their neighbors while others help them.


Though such species native and non are not the only things lurking in the great seas of Pelagius. It is also home to the Leviathans, beasts and monsters. Some of which made their homes in Earth known as the Kraken and even the lockness monster.

More about this location will be revealed through a campaign. 

『 Status 』

Semi - Closed - This world is currently locked. It is being discovered in canon campaign (TBA). Once the campaign has explored the realm it will become open for non campaign use.
Species are still playable in other areas if they were born elsewhere.

Species of Pelagius

Most all the species of Pelagius are water based or touched. There are far more non sentient species then sentient here. These main species have been found in many realms where there is water and remains habitable.

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