Realm of the Demonic

Pandemonium is the true name for a place commonly referred to as “hell”. It is not without reason, for with its endless burning pit of inferno (everywhere), it is like a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is considered a “no man’s land”. Whatever government or kingdoms that were present, have decayed and burned thousands of years ago; what civilization and culture was there, withered and changed with corruption; what way of life might have been has long been no more. Now Pandemonium is a world where the “strongest” rule and there is always dispute as to just who that should be. Factions upon factions are fractured across all potentially livable space and yet ruins of what was before linger, crumbling and decaying to the harsh weather patterns that destroy all that it touches.

There is no room for being gentle, there is no concept of fairness, there is no concept or need of honesty or loyalty. This is a world where one does what is needed to survive and any cost is just peachy. When someone falls out of line they are generally violently reprimanded with severe punishments fit for a torture chamber.  

With the Abyssal infection so high in this realm, no one demon ever looks the same. Mutations are so wide in variety that one who looks “pretty” or more human might be looked down on unless they can hold a strong presence or power in the room. Because of this high infection, Demons have been seeking a way to prevent further spread that would surely destroy their world; It was discovered that souls, Demon or no, could be fed to the Abyss to keep it from spreading further. Thus, Demons have based much of there remaining structure around the collection of souls from outside sources to feed to the Abyss. This has led to “cross road” deals, satanic temples, infiltration of governments, demonic haunts of “weak” families and cause of “mass” events like war for mass collections of souls.  In Pandemonium the currency is in fact souls as they are such an integral part of Pandemonium survival.

When it came to the seers witnessing the prophecy, The Order of the Black Rose too manifested in this realm. However, it was short lived due to the circumstances, making it one of the realms that does not have an OBR chapter or headquarters of any kind. Those of OBR operate, at best, in small groups or in Earth.

『 Status 』

OPEN - This world is currently playable with doorways open to Earth as well as Talamh that are known. Thus, your character can role play activity in this world and move to others that are currently open. However, the doorways to and from Pandemonium are long and dangerous tunnels that can be painful to traverse. These tunnels are referred to as "purgatory" as if anything happens while one travels they can be potentially lost forever to the Aether.

Generally only Abyssal touched or infected entities can live in Pandemonium longer term due to the atmosphere.

About Pandemonium

The realm known as Hell

What made this world come to be the dark, lawless, leaderless world that it is? Abyssal infection has corrupted this world for thousands of years and now all that is left are those who evolved to survive. The only way to save their world is to sacrifice what is alive to the infection to keep a hold of what is left. Here you will learn about the extreme conditions that made Pandemonium the world it is today.

Species of Pandemonium

Pandemonium is a place of extremes. Had there been other species native there beyond Demons, they are not known currently.  However, there are others who have come to the realm and made it home, even if they do not truly belong. 

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