The Order of the Black Rose

Life in the Order

As a reminder, the Order of the Black Rose is a secret society, not a form of employment, corporation or otherwise business.  Generally, people may only spend a few hours a single day a week among the Order such as a “Thursday night meeting” unless they truly desire to be more active or use the facilities for other reasons.  As such, the Order is more of an extracurricular activity of association rather then a complete way of life.


All members, including high leadership, have lives outside the Order which as a majority includes employment. The payroll is simply an enticement for them to continue to contribute to make their lives easier and offset the time away from work they may need to take to be more involved.


Like any gentlemen’s club, organization or society, the Order of the Black Roses requires dues for membership. For the first year these dues are waived. Because the Initiate status only lasts as long as it takes to acclimate an individual to the Order, Neophytes ride free. When they become an Acolyte, they begin to pay dues of $200 per year which is mandatory.

Of course, there are times members may be down on their luck and unable to pay. The OBR may waive fees on a case by case basis but is most often replaced with a “you owe us” favor that is often presented in an event or mission.

In the event that dues cannot be paid continuously, it may result in one or more of the following: disciplinary action, intervention (for things such as gambling and addictions) or even excommunication. It is considered a disrespect to the OBR for all the amenities and protection it offers to not pay the annual dues.

Order Wealth

How wealthy is the Order of the Black Rose? The short answer is: at the lowest, it's a billion dollar organization.

The longer answer is a bit more statistical. 15% of the world’s population are not human or possess abilities. If 15% of that population is accepted into the OBR as $200 a year… then the OBR makes annually $36,000,000,000‬ off dues alone.

But this does not include donations, fundraisers, Underground percentage profits, deals with other corporations and small business, technology sales to the public, auctions (including human trafficking), drug production and other sales.

It is easy to say that the Order of the Black Rose likely makes a couple Trillion of American dollars a year.

Of course at least half of this money earned is cycled back into the Order for payroll, housing procurement, ingredients, helping Order members, travel, equipment for missions, events, slaves, food, those pencils on desks and new experiments funded by the OBR.

It is still easy to say that the Order of the Black Rose is very wealthy.

Order Payroll

For those who are members of the OBR, ranks of Magisters and up are on official Order payroll.All lower ranks are not. While they may receive bonuses for jobs/missions done as a reward, Initiate | Neophyte | Acolyte | Confrère have to maintain jobs outside of the Order to maintain their lifestyle.

On an annual basis, members on payroll are paid:
Magister: $50,000 / yr
Magister Militum | High Magus | Oracle: $65, 000/ yr
Councilor: $75, 000/ yr
Headmaster: $85, 000/ yr
Imperator | Grand Oracle | Grand Magus: $100, 000/ yr
Elder: $150, 000/ yr
Grandmaster: $200, 000/ yr


The Order of the Black Rose is incredibly supportive to their own. However, even the Order has its limits.

Only Magisters and up are offered permanent housing inside the Order building. Essentially, they must be on the payroll and from their payroll, a rent amount is deducted. This is only an offer and is not mandatory. They can choose to live outside the building if desired.

Members who are immortal and need to cycle out of society to reduce mundane suspicion can apply for living arrangements that are temporary. As in there is a start and end to their residence.

Members who are ‘down on their luck’ may ask the Order for assistance in which a living arrangement may be provided. However, this is not always done inside the building. If there is not enough space for a temporary resident, they will outsource and pay for a local apartment for a limited lease until the member can get back on their feet. In order to pay this back, the Order will provide more missions to this individual.

Members on travel. There are floors dedicated as ‘hotel’ rooms for members of the Order to stay in while they are in town. They can only be booked out for a month at a time unless circumstances bring a need for a waiver. Otherwise they can look to the outer city to make arrangements.

All members rank Initiate through Confrère are NOT provided housing unless they meet one of the criteria above.

It's important to note that residents of the Order's building are NOT permitted to have non-member guests, family or children visiting or living with them. The only entities allowed in these residential dorms are slaves, staff/entertainers (hired and screened by the Order) and familiars. If your character has family, friends, spouse or children then they must live offsite.

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