The Order of the Black Rose

Historical Timeline 

The Formation of the Order

Historically, the Order of the Black Rose has existed for thousands of years of human civilization. It was founded in 548 AD, in the Dark Ages, by 39 individuals with supernatural gifts in Western Europe. The time was marked with frequent warfare, societal collapse, and barbaric behavior due to a land of Roman Emperor in Western Europe.

In the beginning, the Order of the Black Rose was a coterie, operating more as a ‘brotherhood’ rather then an organization (Modernization would classify it as a 'street gang'). Members of the OBR at the time were only supernatural or those with extraordinary gifts who sought to resist the violence and protect each other. It was but a simple phrase to know each other “I once saw a garden that grew a black rose.” For it was so rare to see one naturally growing in the Earth.

The founders were an Egyptian prophetess, Auset, who led the group; Lord Acacius, a powerful warlock who owned property, and General Naevius, a master of arms stricken with the vampire's curse.
Auset foresaw a great many events ahead of the world’s future that could potentially annihilate their kind; in particular the rise in power of the Catholic Church. With the chaos of the Dark Ages, Lord Acacius and General Naevius sought to bring some form of order for stability and sanctuary.

The other 36 members were those in the vicinity who displayed prowess- some of which are still in the OBR today including Lady Lysandra and Atlas Quinn who were known under various aliases through time.

While this group was incredibly small, their abilities created a great momentum and declared their actions under the Order of the Black Rose. Word spiderwebbed across cities and villages where other esoteric joined the cause. There were two main pushes of the Order in that time; Auset pushed for female rights to be maintained in the Order and protecting the supernatural community was the utmost importance.

After 26 years had passed the Order of the Black Rose had gained enough traction to influence Western Europe and established its first facility of operation where official meetings were held in Britain. For the first time Supernatural entities were able to meet each other and formally organize strategies to survive the wave of tragedies foretold by Auset.

Pre-OBR Timeline

Here is a timeline of major events for the Order of the Black Rose and related AU World as foundation canon to the group. Major species factions have some included dates for reference. You do not need to know this to be an Order member. this is just background information if people want to use it.(Please note while some events are historically accurate, we have taken liberties to implement fantasy elements)

  • 8000 B.C.E. Rock art painting in Africa - First show of Human development

  • 3100 B.C.E. King Menes founds Memphis as capital of Egypt

  • 2500 B.C.E The Prophecy is simultaneously seen across all realms developing the "idea" of being for and against such a thing.

  • 1,600 B.C.E. - Atlantis was Destroyed; the Island crumbled into the sea.

  • 415 B.C.E. - First five books of the Bible (the Torah) given final form (In Hebrew)

  • 334 B.C.E. to 323 B.C.E. - Alexander the Great conquers empire that stretches from Greece to western India

  • 27 C.E. - Jesus of Nazareth baptized by John the Baptist

  • 30-95 C.E. - The Catholic Church is founded.

  • 80 C.E. - The Coliseum In Rome is built by the Emperor Vespasian and opened to the public

  • 111 C.E. - 476 C.E. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

Date system is based on Gregorian calendar
Before Current Era B.C.E. = B.C. Before Christ; the larger the number the older
Current Era C.E. = A.D. ; the larger the number the more recent

Order of the Black Rose Timeline Begins

  • 548 c.e. - The coterie known as Order of the Black Rose is founded by 39 original members through Western Europe.

  • 574 c.e. - The OBR establishes its first headquarters to begin organization in Britain. Auset is declared official Grandmaster, Lord Acacius was declared Grand Magus and General Naevius was declared Imperator.

  • 731 c.e. - The OBR forms official rank system to organize growth and fight against current and future threats. The first Oracle is initiated as a shadow master who creates the first intelligence network.

  • 1100 c.e. - Grandmaster foresees war with Catholic Church Army and institutes the Pathway system to train OBR members based on their 'talents' to defend the Order and their societies + families.

  • 1119 c.e. - The Knights of Templar is formed as a Catholic military order to engage in the crusades as a 'Holy' territory war which pushes back the OBR greatly

  • 1184 c.e. - The medieval Inquisition begins, killing supernaturals and exoteric gifted who are seen as 'heretics' to the Catholic Church. Inquisitors seek out Witches (anyone with an ability) and halfbreeds to exterminate.

  • 1203 c.e. - OBR Founder, Lord Acacius is captured and burned at the stake per the Medieval Inquisition on grounds of witchcraft.

  • 1232 c.e. - Founder and 1st Grandmaster, Lady Auset, dies of old age as magic no longer can sustain her. General Naevius Becomes to next Grandmaster and declares the Order to 'go dark' due to visions of the new Grand Oracle foreseeing the later inquisitions and witch hunts.

  • 1300 c.e. - Grandmaster Naevius authorizes creation of diseases, curses and potions as weapons of mass destruction as both defense and offense against human threats.

  • 1309 c.e. - Knights of Templar are suppressed and publically dismantled as the Church believes the OBR has been destroyed; The Order becomes the "Freemasons", operating as a secret Paladin Order against non Humans - their primary focus mainly being towards suppressing Demons.

  • 1429 c.e. - Joan of Arc, a half-Aetherean, received the blade of her ancestor resulting in stunning victories of war against supernatural communities. She was later condemned for as a woman, including wearing male clothing, and scrutinized for her 'abilities' she claimed to receive from God. In 1456, the inquisitor investigating her overturned her condemnation; later in 1920 she would be canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church.

  • 1408 - 1834 c.e. - The Spanish Inquisition begins and decimates the supernatural population.

  • 1492 c.e. - The New World is Discovered. Members of the Order of the Black Rose embark to survey new lands in hopes of freedom from the Church repression in Europe.

  • 1587 - 1590 c.e. - Roanoke Island Settlement is inflicted with the "Croatoan" curse; it caused three years of horror as the settlement began to cannibalize and turn 'wild'. Within a three year span the entire settlement on the island vanished without a trace, when the last portion of the population walked into the ocean and drowned themselves. The Croatoan curse was marked as 'deadly' and too volatile to use on larger populations without backfire.

  • 1598 c.e. - Grandmaster Naevius is scrutinized for his wild push for dangerous experiments and is declared unfit as Grandmaster and is forced to take Emeritus status (retired). Shadow Elder Byron Ward becomes the Grandmaster.

  • 1599 c.e. - Atlas Quinn becomes Grand Magus and Lady Lysandra rises to Elder status.

  • 1608 c.e. - Grandmaster Byron Ward is assassinated by lower rank member; New OBR law declares that Grandmaster identity is to now be a secret withheld from the entire Order. Corporeal Elder Julian Atkins becomes Grandmaster.

  • 1624 -1625 c.e. - New York is firmly settled, The OBR officially moves their headquarters to the New World and begins to rapidly grow through America.

  • 1626 - Grandmaster Julian Atkins declares 15% of OBR membership can be open to extraordinary humans to bridge societies into peace and establish themselves fully into growing New York and American government.

  • 1692 -1693 c.e - The Salem witch trials occur.

  • 1770 c.e. - Lady Lysandra becomes Grandmaster after Julian Atkins declares Emeritus; after strange events he believed were threats against his life. Out of paranoia he retired and goes into hiding. Atkins whereabouts or state of being are currently unknown. Vague rumors suggest blackmail.

  • 1771 - Grandmaster declares secret law that pure humans that are not magic inclined cannot rank above Magister Officiorum; creating an illusion of acceptance and stating their 'life spans' simply do not allow them the time to rank higher.

  • 1776 c.e. - The OBR having members among the Founder Fathers is pushed by the Grandmaster for American Independence.

  • 1793 c.e. -Cases of 'Consumption' appear later to be named as a bacterial disease to the public, tuberculosis; A nest of 'infected' vampires began to spread the disease into bitten victims which showed sickly signs along with a hybrid form of vampirism in conjunction with hallucinations. The OBR Alchemists were were later able to adapt a cure with vampire venom that is now kept stocked in hospitals to prevent further outbreak.

  • 1801 c.e. - Grand Magus Atlas Quinn goes goes on a 200 year sabbatical. His whereabouts are unknown during this time.

  • 1861-1865 c.e. - American Civil War; Slavery is abolished. In order to prevent a rift, Elders of the OBR mandates that slavery can be continued in the Order, Underground and in society discreetly. Supernatural factions had a great need for slavery to continue such as Vampires need of blood.

  • 1878 c.e. - The Second Salem witchcraft trial focused on Daniel H. Spofford accused of harming a woman with his mesmeric" mental powers.

  • 1890 c.e. - Commissioned Order of the Black Rose Building Headquarters constructed.

  • 1892 -1970 c.e. - Vampirism becomes an epidemic and a mundane 'scare' begins. Fledglings found have their fangs removed and hearts burned. The OBR begins a invisible war against vampires seeking to push them back into the shadows to avoid another inquisition against the Supernatural.

  • 1902 c.e. - Grand Magus Atlas Quinn abruptly returns, with him a treaty from Demons to work under guidelines of the OBR. Atlas Quinn is officially inducted as an Elder.

  • 1904 c.e. - Warlock, Aleister Crowley forms the philosophy/religion of Thelema (a complicated set of magical, mystical and religious beliefs) becoming one of the first opening pagan groups in mundane society that was not destroyed by the Church. Crowley was provided an invitation to join the OBR but declined the invitation, choosing to not be influenced by the Order.

  • 1914-1918 c.e. - World War I - a spike in supernatural activity begins, especially with Aethereans and Demonics. Anomalies are again born from war. Esoteric investigations believe it was inspired by Demonic presence seeking to harvest human souls.

  • 1920-1929 c.e.- The Grand Magus with the assistance of the Magi enacted a prosperity spell that caused the roaring 20's. Rapid economic wealth spurred the order and surrounding society into economic upturn and and growth. However, the spell had its costs, unexpectedly leading to the Great depression and Dust Bowl of Mundane Society. Though the OBR remained prosperous.

  • 1929 - 1939 c.e. - The Dust Bowl. great economic impacts hit. Esoteric event happens which causes a severe drought hit the Midwest and Southern Great Plains in 1930. Massive dust storms began in 1931. By 1934 an estimated 35 million acres of formerly cultivated land had been rendered useless for farming, while another 125 million acres was rapidly losing its topsoil. New York City was affected by the "black blizzard" dust clouds, coating literally everything. By 1939 the curse had run its course and rains returned... but the economic damaged stayed well into the 1950s.

  • 1939 — 1945 c.e. - World War II - supernatural anomalies spike with the war.

  • 1961+ c.e.- Women's rights movement begins spurred by Order members who already had freedoms and desired them in mass society.

  • 1947 c.e. - Crowley is assassinated by the Order of the Black Rose; publicly it's announced he dies of chronic bronchitis and pleurisy.

  • 1955 - The Vietnam war begins; a spike in supernatural activity begins, especially with Aethereans and Demonics. Anomalies are again born from war.

  • 1972 -The Apollo 17 lands on the moon. The Order commissions NASA to bring samples to the OBR labs, providing them with a small fortune.

  • 1973 - The Order interferes with Politics and exposes the Watergate Scandal to prevent human uprising. 

  • 1974- The Temple of Obscurium, a satanic based coven, is founded under the front of The Poppet shop in Brooklyn NY, later moving into Manhattan were they adopted a building with an underground access to establish their temple. It becomes known in the city as a place to get 'curses' to the public. Later that year, OBR makes a treaty that the temple can continue to operate if 10% of their profits go to the Order and their practices remain discrete; to which was agreed.

  • 1975 – President Ford survives two assassination attempts in a 17-day span. Assassin is put on tribunal for failure to perform in the parameters of the mission.

  • 1986 - The Chernobyl disaster  occurred- investigations suggest it was caused by a demonic entity.

  • 1991 - The Internet goes public. The Order  declares adaptation to the IT pathway to expand from technology to computer technology. 

  • 1999 — A violent tornado outbreak in Oklahoma kills 50 people and becomes the first to produce a tornado that causes $1 billion in damage. Grand Magus, after investigation discovers an abyssal infection in an air-element users whom lost control.  The thinning of the veil begins documentation on Earth

  • 2005 — Hurricane Katrina devastates the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama coastlines killing at least 1,836 people; Grand Magus further investigates discovering the abyssal infection spread through a crack in the veil, corrupting the local waterways. Mutated crocodiles are found and exterminated. 

  • 2011-2013 - the thinning of the veil seems to to be letting abyssal energies seep in. Multiple events occur from violence to natural disasters. 

Roleplay Based Timeline

This section will be updated at the end of major events that effect canon of the overall story of the community. Thus, no one can really "fall behind". All of the following has occurred via character interactions in campaigns.

  • April 2020 - Grand Oracle Prophecies a great change upon the Order and suffered unrepairable mental damage. Lulu is inducted as the Grand Oracle.

  • May 2020 - The extension of the Abyss arrives in the Earth realm. All remain unaware. The entity is invited to join the Order due to the witness of prowess in abilities.

  • May 2020 - Moscow, Russia, OBR Chapter is destroyed in a fire, heralding a dimensional invasion. The OBR sends an expedition team to investigate and 'solve the issue. (Results still pending)

  • May 2020 - Atlas Quinn announces Elder Emeritus status, officially retiring from the order during Moscow incident.

  • June 2020 - The Grandmaster adopts the first Esoteric psychologist, Dr. Irons, into the HQ as a 'trial' position.

  • June 2020 - The OBR Headquarters in New York is Infiltrated by an unknown entity and steals a small amount of items from the vault of Secrets as well as committing a massacre on Order Members. . The Fallout leads to a change in Emeritus laws for recalls and prompts intense discussions about the OBR's security.

  • July 2020 - The Grandmaster rules that all ranks above Magister are now to be shrouded in identity during official business in the order and renstates Atlas Quinn as an Elder due to faction war beginning.

  • Mid July 2020 - The Expedition team that faced Russia among several other members receive the rite of Ascension and are tested with opportunities to rise in rank. The First IT pathway member rises to Magister Militum; the first non seer, a shadow,  rises to Oracle and is declared the 'Master of Secrets' to the chapter - it is the first non seer in hundreds of years for New York and is praised by the members of the chapter; the following day promptly forgotten. The NY Headmaster is filled by Amadeus, the only leader to not wear a mask because his entire identity is a mask. 

  • July-August 2020 - The entity who infiltrated the OBR HQ is Identified in the body of Shane Price, a lawyer currently runner for mayor of New York City; no official confirmation that the entity known as Octavius possessing the vessel is a survivor of Atlantis; he was seen by the Grand Oracle to be involved in the formation of an Anti-Order sentiment. He was forcefully recruited into the Order as a measure to prevent.

  • September 2020 - Headmaster Amadeus discovers the reports on the Russia incident, drawing questions to further investigate and disapproves the case being closed.  

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