The Order of the Black Rose


Identifying a Fellow Member

There are several ways to recognize a member of the OBR without exposing each other to the mass of mundane society. While usage of phrases of coded communication can be used to help identify, there are other common ways to draw attention from across a room.

Often OBR members will wear corsage of a black rose with a gold ribbon pinned to their attire. This can be confusing in functions where this might be normal, such as weddings, galas and balls. However, it may stand out at a bar or establishment where such things are not so common.

Another method to identify is through the means of a small gold pin on the collar of one’s attire. It generally holds the Masonic emblem of the OBR but does not draw too much attention in is solid gold coloring. Of course, these can be compromised and crafted, so it may be a quick means to find someone, or even to identify certain people in an event but should not actively be relied on.

The best way to verify if someone is of the OBR is to offer them your right arm for a handshake. In the act of performing the handshake each will look at the other’s inner wrist to see if the brand marking illuminates. It will only be visible if both bear branded and physically touch skin to skin.

Gold Pin
Aethral Brand
In-Person Conversations 

The Order of the Black Rose has long possessed ‘coded’ phrases to use to communicate. In more modern times this art was lost in favor of electronic devices and perhaps a slack in secrecy. However, they have been re-implemented after the OBR was infiltrated by an enemy faction. These phrases can now be implemented in normal conversation to communicate when outside of the OBR facilities:

“I once saw a black rose growing in a garden.” Or “I once passed a garden where I saw a black rose growing” = Ancient greetings to signal that they are a member of the OBR. However, outdated, those from older times more recently awoken might still use them

Because the Primary headquarters runs out of what is perceived to be a prestige Hotel, these are the modern-day phrases:

“Have you ever been to the Rose Hotel.” = Are you with the Order of the Black Rose
“The Hotel off Park Row?” = If you are asking this, then are YOU part of the Order?
“Yes, 99 Park Row.” = Yes I am of the OBR asking if you are of the OBR.
“I have stayed at the Rose Hotel.” = yes, I am of the OBR

“I got sick off their room service.” = Now is a bad time / Don’t want to talk
“I stayed only for a night.” = I was excommunicated
“I used to stay there frequently.” = I am retired Emeritus

Phone Call Conversations
(Mission Related)

“I heard you had some vacancies.” = I am with the OBR
“Yes, I have vacancies.” = I am OBR as well. Generally, it means ‘carry on’.
“Are you taking reservations?” = I have a mission for you if you choose to accept
“Yes, I have 3 rooms available.” = I accept the mission ; any other number of rooms is a decline
“No, I do not take reservations.” = Unable; mission overlap or conflict of interest
“How long would you like to state?” = inquire of the type of mission
“Just X nights.” = this phrase varies in meaning by number. 1= I need intelligence, no exposure, harm or kills; 2 = A warning or thread needs to be delivered; 3 = Mind wipe required; 4= full assassination orders. 5 = a new individual needs to be indoctrinated and invited to the OBR
“Do you take credit cards?” = A preparation for incoming electronic access code to the mission information on the dark-web.

“Yes, I can take a card number now.” = acceptance of electronic information.
“No, we do cash only.” = information needs to be in a hard copy hand delivered in a sealed envelope.
“Can you send a car to pick me up from Grand Central Station?” = Information drop off point. It means one must drive a car to the station in the ‘pickup’ area. The information will be exchanged in the car while it circles the block and the person will then be left near where originally picked up.

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