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Closed - This world is currently locked. It is being discovered in canon campaign part 2 (Into the Tundra). Once the campaign has explored the realm it will become open for non campaign use.
Species are still playable in other areas if they were born elsewhere.

Unknown Realm of the Ice

Esoteric scientists had long discussed philosophies of the origin of certain species. If one looks back upon Earth mythologies, the Norse long spoke about a realm in which Giants came. This mythological realm was called Niflheim. While not all mythologies are true, this one shared knowledge to a true realm that only had doorways through Scandinavia and Russia.

Little did anyone know this was the origin of the Giants, the Dire Wolves and through the infected of them… Therianthropes. Little to nothing is known about this world now for the doorways it once had open have long been closed. That was until the year 2020 when the infected portion of the world broke through the veil into Russia in a horrible accident that led to the invasion of strange creatures.

While the doorway in Russia was closed the pathway was hone in on and now efforts are in place to open a doorway to a safer region of the world to learn more about what and why the Russian incident happened.

These rest? More information will be revealed through the campaign and will be added at a later date to this page. 

Potential races of this world: Giants, humans, half giants, yetties, (giant animals like dire wolves), Therianthropes, cave dwelling creatures.

The Passage of Time

Holder for Time lapse differences

Time chart
Earth & The Nexus

1 Earth hour 

1 Earth Day 

1 Earth week 

1 Earth Month 

1 Earth Year 

=    1 Niflheim day

=    24 Niflheim days (1 month)

=    168 Niflheim days (Half a year)

=    720 Niflheim days (2 years)

=    8,640 Niflheim days  (24 years)


Time is equivalent

Talamh & Xiassoros

1  hour 

1  day 

1 week 

1 month 

1  year 

=   2  Niflheim days

=   48  Niflheim days (1.6 months)

=  336  Niflheim days  (11 months) 

=   44.8  Niflheim Months (3.7 years)

=   537.6  Niflheim Months (44.8 years) 

Pandora & Pelagius

1  hour 

1  day 

1 week 

1 month 

1  year 

=    12 Niflheim hours

=    12 Niflheim days (nearly 2 weeks)

=    84 Niflheim days (2.8 months )

=    360 Niflheim days (1 years)

=    4,320 Niflheim days  (12 years)

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