The Nexus

The Lost Realm

The Nexus was once the realm that ruled all of the Ten Realms. Though now it is nothing more then a lost legend none remember save for those who are semi immortal and have not been killed through the thousands of years (Such as Aeathearans, Specters and Sidhe). No one knows where it is or how to get to it for the legend says all doors to it were closed when it collapsed. How did it collapse? That too is a mystery yet to be solved. Now it is nothing more than a legend like Atlantis. The Grand Prophecy points back to this realm, which is likely why it is not taken as seriously as it once was.

Unlocking this realm is the ultimate end goal of all future campaigns. In which the first series of campaigns close and a new one begins. 

『 Status 』

Closed - This world is currently locked. It is being discovered in canon campaign (TBA). Once the campaign has explored the realm it will become open for non campaign use.
There are no species available in this location.

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