This page is designed to pick and choose abilities based upon elemental alignment. Do not get overwhelmed with ALL of them, aim for the elements your particular species is aligned with. These are common abilities we accept as canon. If you don't see something on the list, then chat with us. We may add it or there might be a reason it's excluded.

Our community magic system has changed since the beginning. We used to allow a free-for-all, then we tightened it slightly guidelines to hone it in… but due issues with too many OP characters, we now have a stricter system.  It still allows freedoms, but ability stacks will be much clearer and in line with the character. 

In our community you have 3 sets of stats:

  1. Realm perks/weaknesses

  2. Species traits abilities & weaknesses

  3. Additional Magic through training​

If you read the species stats on their designated home realm pages, there is a category called "elemental alignment". This is the elemental alignment that is most common and comes the easiest. If you saw a weakness in elemental alignment, it means those opposites will be too difficult or painful to learn or use. Anything not listed CAN be used but not at any mastery level. When it comes to additional magic casting, if you have 5+ we are going to ask you to dial it back.

There are more abilities than those listed under the elements. You can find those by scrolling down to "Magic limits"

Unless it is a realm, species specific or spell/ability below, all magic must be done via spellcraft.

What is Spellcraft? It is an esoteric science that utilizes different ingredient mixtures with sigils, incantations, enchantments, crystals, and potions. It takes work, effort, and time to complete.  Some of this effort can be negated with the use of life sacrifices as a catalyst.


What goes in must also come out. Those who do not use ingredients properly will have their own personal energy drained a little or dramatically depending on the advancement of the spell. For some it could be a horrible idea if they are more mortal, eating up their own life forces to do so.

The Grimoire

(Pre-approved abilities with weaknesses you may copy paste.)

Instructions for Use 

Before going through the 12 different Element combinations... take a deep breath, slow down and read this ➞ Nothing is designed to be absolute.  Some abilities may not be on our list because we forgot or purposefully left it off due to being OP or not fitting the AU. Please talk to us if you have questions or concerns.

This system is not designed to make one absolute in one element and absolutely weak to another. It is designed to bring balance such that abilities are not all over the place or otherwise OP. Deep down, all the elements work together in the universe at large by fueling each other in a grand circle of life. Thus it is still possible to have primarily one set of elemental abilities and then one from someplace else so long as they still compliment each other be it abyssal or sol. Aether touched is more like a wild card set of abilities such that one might combo. The main rule is keeping in mind Opposites don't attract; Sol will always oppose the Abyss.

For Example: an Individual who is aligned with the Fire element will have extreme difficulty, high fail rates or no success rates at all in casting Water spells.

Abilities vs. Spellcraft

Abilities are like "super powers" such that a individual can inherently use them without incantation, sigils, ingredients, grimoire/spell books, artifacts or potions. In our community, abilities are limited to species traits and anything in our spell list that has a ★ next to it.

ALL individuals using spells otherwise must cast via spellcraft through incantations, sigils, use of ingredients, sacrifices, potions, artifacts, alchemy, spell books/grimoires. We do not accept finger snapping instant magic unless your character is designed based on our lore for it (such as an Aetherean or Specter) or it occurs by absolute accident in traumatic situations. 

Magic Limits

The majority of magic is done via spell cast rather than as an innate ability. As such there are “non-element” based magics that are considered canon that are only possible due to the existence of the Aether that constantly swirls through and around every realm.


All of these spells are considered universal such that they can be used regardless of elemental alignment if one is educated in how and has the proper incantations and ingredients to do so.  Did you read the info on magic? Remember this: Pickleflops


This list places boundaries on these so people understand how they can use them and when they cannot (or when it might fail) to prevent OP actions such as omnipotent scrying.

None of these needs to be memorized. you can refer to it as needed.

Race Quick Stats

All of this information exists on the realms they decent from pages. However, for the ease of joining us, this is an additional quick stat hub to copy paste and look at the other magic traits without bounding around the site. 

Additional Companions

There is always the availability of pets within our community. In any realm there are tones of varieties of fauna to adopt, but not all are benevolent. However, these are JUST pets in which can be trained to do things such as special trained dogs, emotional support companions or those sorts of show animals. They add absolutely no “benefit” to their owner beyond companionship and joy. In this box are some types of companions that DO provide perks for those utilizing magic.

Additional companions can also include general pets, large animals, beasts or NPC persons. These all must follow our general guides for "characters" even if they are just NPCs.

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