We are glad you are interested in joining us!

We are a small group of advanced role-players who enjoy adult and darker themes. In order to make our world possible, we have had to do a great deal of home-brew, alterations to some common lore and apply some strict character sheets as well as definitions of magic in order to keep our world balanced yet still open for creativity.


The first character creation or imports may always be the hardest, but we will always be there to help you through the process of character creation and importation. DO note we cannot help you build a character, we can only help you navigate the matters of what needs balancing in the group such as magic, species and realms; making personalities, likes, dislikes, descriptions, finding face claims and writing back stories are all up to you.


No information is required to be memorized! Our site is designed to not give you a WALL if information but to organize information about the world so you can seek it out when you need it. Granted there are a few big pages, do not be overwhelmed. It is a LOT easier than you may perceive.


If you are struggling, make a player account and utilize our help forums or discord to get help on setting up your characters. We are HAPPY to help. But we cannot help you will all the anxieties of joining a community. There WILL be information you have to at least read once before you get heavily involved such as our magic system, rules & guidelines and making an account. These locations have codes you will need to read the information to find that go into your character sheet. You will also need to read our group lore if you want to get involved in canon.

Where Do we Roleplay?

We actively roleplay through forums. We have our own standalone forum platform to write and engage with other players. It has a few features you can look forward to:

  • Sub-accounts - so you can post as your character at the ease of a drop-down menu. Each character is on their own standalone account attached to your main under the same email address.

  • Private Messages (PMs) - need something more private? There is an option for private messages on the forums to do more private 1x1s or OOC conversations. 

  • HTML & BBC code enabled for signatures, profiles and posts. You can choose what works best if you want to add more sparkle.

  • Character profiles directly on the forums with all the information you need; includes locked fields for important information that should never change (Moderators can edit on request if approved). This way no one can change information on you or "make stuff up" as they go.

  • Character Profile Outsourcing - Our character sheets might be on the forum for what WE want... but if you want to add more you can host your character literally anywhere it can be seen for free in public eye. This means it doesn't matter where you come from or where you host your character to be part of our community. 

The forums is not the ONLY location we may roleplay in. We have a discord server in which rapid fire rooms are available if you just want to have a quick meet & greet or get your toes wet. As far as we are concerned, so long as you stay within our group parameters, we don't care where you do private PMs/1x1s. This could be google docs, discord, RPR, PMs, or literally anywhere else. We, however, cannot moderate what's not on the forums or in public eye on our discord server. Use these other places at your own discretion. 

How Do we Roleplay?

Our community is for freeform collaborative writing.  While we use dice on occasion (and optionally) we do paragraph response roleplay with a 2+ paragraph minimum of sustenance, in past tense and 3rd person. We do not always expect people to meet this as we believe in "flux writing" which allows you to adjust based upon the needs of the response which is #stressfree. However, those who do not meet that average as a bare minimum may struggle to find roleplay partners in our community. 

We allow for 1-on-1s, small groups, large groups, and full group events. Generally, anything over 5+ people posting order degrades to whomever you are currently interacting with while all other areas have strict posting orders to prevent chaos and allow everyone a fair moment to respond.

We, as staff, run group events to help people mingle and generally have no extra purpose beyond this.

We, as staff, also run canon based campaigns where all characters have an opportunity, if desired, to get involved with the overarching story and effect the universe around them. These campaigns are GM run much like table top but without strict mechanics such that the story is always being directed, questions can be asked and yet characters can wander freely to explore without precise prompt or force paths.

The Order of the Black Rose Roleplay Group © 2020 by Mipps and Morrigan