While there are many aspects of the community to focus on, big and small, there are 3 major aspects that official canon and campaigns will be focused on. One begins several thousand years ago (or longer depending on the world) with a prophecy. Shortly to follow this is the Secret Society known as “the Order of the Black Rose” which was spontaneously founded in all the realms to fulfill the prophecy. The prophecy is set in motion by an imbalance of Sol and Abyssal energy which has created “the Infection” which affects both people and worlds – driving some of the background lore to certain species.  The last is the thinning of the veil at and around places where doorways have or had been opened so that energy flows through and later crystallizes; these crystals are physical manifestation of magic.

The Prophecy
Astronomical Clock

The critical piece of information that sets the events of the Ten Worlds in motion.

The Order of the Black Rose
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The Secret Society in which the group is based around.

The Infection & Thinning of the Veil 

The spread of the Abyss that has set the Ten Worlds out of balance. How it affects people and worlds.

The Mysteries of the Universe