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Realm of the Humans

Earth currently sits in the modern era and is considered the base timeline for all the other realms. It is the home of Humans and Abyssal evolutions of humans living secretly among society. The doorways to Earth were opened in ancient times and much of human history has been influenced by the supernatural of other realms. This is due to a variety of important things that differ from realm to realm.


Due to humanity being like living batteries of energy accessible to all six elements, many races use them as such in practice, experiments and “human sacrifices”. In some realms human are seen as completely inferior and are thus enslaved. In others, they are seen as food and in places such as Pandemonium, human souls are a currency to hold back the Abyssal infection of their world.


Humans of Earth essentially live in complete ignorant bliss of the other realms, magic, energies, and anything that goes bump in the night. Of course, there is always a small pocket population of “awakened” individuals, there are not enough to fight back against thousands of years of oppression and misdirection unless something catastrophic happened to expose it.


Unfortunately, humans are more powerful then they are allowed to be and more useful then accepted. Earth is the only realm where technology has been possible aside from a prophecy eluded “lost realm”. Humans are naturally electronically and mechanically inclined with devices, computers and machinery that other realms do not have (nor have the capability of using). This makes humanity unique for more then just their ability to contain and wield all the elements.

『 Status 』

OPEN - This world is currently playable with doorways open to Talamh as well as Pandemonium that are known by OBR members and some outsiders; but not humans at large.. Thus, you character can role play activity in this world and move to others that are currently open. This is our primary location for RP

About Earth

Realm of the Humans

Our “Alternate Universe” (AU) is set on the same foundation, time and space as the real, modern world. This includes politics, criminal justice, economy, education, medical capabilities, technology advancements and current religious movements and organizations.
Of course, this comes with all the pros and cons of current situations in our real world. You don’t have to like or agree with them, but it gives us a large scale understanding of what’s going on in our fictitious world that runs parallel to our real world. We do not actively get into any of these politics or things like covid-19, most all of this runs in the background of humanity. The one caveat is that our modern city of New York is gritty, dark, gothic noir, and dangerous at night for it possess supernaturals that feed off humanity in one way or another. Likewise the Underground is more dangerous for it is always dark in the underground, and supernaturals do not hide when beneath the city for it is a no-mans land.

However, due to the Order of the Black Rose being akin to the Illuminati and has ties in many aspects of society, this page is to express the liberties we are taking and the OBR’s effect on these categories. This is primarily for America as other countries may differ.
Theses aspects are completely moldable based upon influence through Role Play in the Group. And thus, will be adjusted to major events or situations.

The slides here are to demonstrate the aspects of Earth that differ compared to our real world due to supernaturals or OBR influence.

New York City

Species of Earth

Earth is primarily composed of humans, with only a 10% population of supernaturals. This section shows our baseline stats for humans and species that have broken off of humans such as Vampires and werewolves. 

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