The Order of the Black Rose, as per title of the group, will always be the first and foremost faction. All of our staff run canon and events will be geared towards this faction entirely. Thus, it is recommended that the first character you bring in participates within the Order Faction, and that you use secondary characters to explore the other factions. This will help to prevent stagnant RP or inability to be involved.

That being said, there are plenty of things to be a part of and you are welcome to even make your own! Our world is not solely based on canon, so if you wish to just roleplay in the AU you're welcome to so long as you follow the AU parameters. This is great for people who just want to be more casual - just be aware that going this path will require more effort on your part to seek out or pursue.

The Order of the Black Rose

A Secret Society originally founded to see the Grand Prophecy to fruition; while it was formed on all the habitable realms, only the one on Earth now stands. Over several thousands of years it has become twisted and corrupted with power and anti human sentiment that has made it a shadow of what it should have been.

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