Creations & Imports

In order to join our community, you need to have a character to modify for import or be willing to build a new one based on our lore.
There are only 3 things we are really looking at to ensure it fits in our AU: Species, capabilities (skills, biological traits, abilities, magical items and otherworldly companions)  and weaknesses.  When it comes to backstories, parents, descriptions, personalities, personal beliefs, you essentially have free reign to be creative and build a unique character to navigate our world. 

Were you from our RPR group? Every character is getting re-vetted due to lore changes, species lock and magic system. We are trying to make edits on characters as minimal as possible; some characters might need more work, while others might only need some definitions changed (such as if they are human or use no magic at all). This is a process even Staff and Founders had to go through. While definitions may change, your character can still believe certain things that may not be true (such as an Aetherean might perceive themselves as an angel). So, please keep an open mind and understand that you can have separate character sheets for our world and still use your character as is elsewhere. 

Character Sheet

You do not need to get into advanced design on our character sheet to be part of the community. If you have details for a character already, you can simply copy paste them into the profiles of the forums. If you have more to add or want a more fancy profile design, you are free to link to any external source provided our character sheet information is there (even if its on a separate page or tab for adaption). However, we still require you keep the character sheet on our forums filled out for quick reference.

Due to the manner in which we validate characters, we will not accept any Works-in-Progress (WIP). Such characters will remain in our validating pool unable to interact outside the help forums. They will only be validated on completion when they are ready to play.  During this time, you can design your character at your leisure for up to 30 day; ample time. 

What to focus on for character approvals

We don’t care about: character descriptions, personalities, backstories, families, hair color, clothing, scents or that little tick they get when they hear the doublemint gum commercial; you have full creative liberties  on this so long as it can slide into our world without conflict (and 95% of the time none of these things really conflict unless you jump into species, realm or royalty specific stuff)


What we care about: Species, non-human traits, skills, abilities, magic, weaknesses, additional magical companions and items/artifacts. All we really want to do is ensure your character fits in our world and is properly balanced.

Want a fast track character? Ordinary humans are the fastest to be approved with the least amount of follow up questions. They are a safe start to our big world.

We recommend that you think about these things on your character before you go through the character sheet process as it will go much quicker.

When you make an account, you will need to put in "codes" hidden through 4 important sections you're require to read before you will be validated. 

Character name:





Sexual Preference:


Relationship Status:



















[English] Read % | Write % | Understand %| Speak %


Appearance / Physical Description





Biological Traits:


Ex: krav maga yellow belt; weapons expert; culinary chef trained; college degrees in physics; dual blade trained for 15 years at the mountain temple of monks, ect. [If none then put N/A.]

Elemental Alignment:

[If character poses no magic capability or use, you may put "No Magic" ]

Abilities:  [If none then put N/A]
Ability Name:
Ability description: [Describe the ability and how it can be used]

Ability Limits: [Conditions in which it can or cannot be used]



(anything extra you wish to add that isn't on this list)

Additional Companions:

[If none then put N/A]

Character Name: Your character name is going to be your screenname/username. If this is a true name and your character goes by an Alias, then use the Alias for your screen name.

Age: depending on what species they are or magical abilities we may need to balance mortality. 

Species: Please use our species guide to make a proper selection or inquire about adding a new one. We have some homebrews defined, but others are allowed, some listed. 

Ethnicity: In non human context this means sub-races

Profession: Your character needs to do something self sustainable or money making in order to survive. OBR can only be listed as a profession if in leadership on payroll, otherwise you cannot list it as a profession.

Languages: These must be listed. It is abnormal to have more than 1-3 if under the age of 100 unless coming from a bilingual country (like Singapore) or being educated in linguistics. Thus, if you fall into this category be prepared to explain HOW your character learned so many languages in a short life. 

Biological traits pertain to inherent or automatic abilities that are generally related to the species. However, this can sometimes include things like "self healing" or fertility. It can also apply to born illnesses, deformities, or anything else naturally born with.

Skills: Anything that is not normal living behavior for the realm is required to be listed. We don't care about if they sing in the shower or dance in their living room; we care about skills one must train in or have an education in. (Driving classifies, but because this is so common for humans, you do not have to list it)

Elemental alignment, abilities and weaknesses

Please read our pages on realms (and their native species) and magic in order to make your selections. We are strict about the extra bells and whistles to characters in order to keep balance in our community.

Anything above human capability is require to be listed no matter how small.

Species positive and negative traits listed on our species page are REQUIRED; this includes magic leanings (which reflect in elemental alignment) and special effects.

Weaknesses must be listed and must reflect in opposition of elemental alignment & abilities along with species. Anything additional is considered optional.

Additional companions is for NPCs, familiars, beasts, pets or otherwise NPC additions to your character that will not be on a seperate character sheet 


There is much debate on proper weaknesses. You do not need to match the number of weaknesses with the number of abilities. You need a kryptonite; a weakness that makes your character as weak as a human if they are more than human. An achilles heel such that an immortal character CAN be destroyed/killed even if it's difficult to do or ingredients/weapons are hard to find. OP and god-like immortal characters are not accepted in out group beyond NPC plot devices by Admin approval only.
Mental illness, traits, distractions or temperament are NOT weaknesses, they personality traits.

If you follow our elemental alignment system + abilities and weaknesses associated, this will automatically give the sort of weaknesses of kryptonite level we are looking for. Thus, you do not need to severely think about anything additional if you just wish to use our stacks.

Character types NOT allowed in our community

  • Angels  - Judo-christian lore does not fit our lore due to major clashes that cause great confusion. Please see our Aetherean race which will be closest equivalent to them. You can even give them the perception of being angels if so desired. This unfortunately includes concepts like Valkyries which are more or less angels of Norse Gods.

  • Judo-christian Demons - Judo-christian lore does not fit our lore due to major clashes that cause great confusion. However, we have adapted a abyssal infected race called Demons who are equivalent without religious attachments. 

  • Djinn | Jinn | Genies - There are some Aetherean adaptations you can do to simulate this. However, wish-granting entities of any kind are not allowed due to being OP and impossible to balance. 

  • Gods & Demi Gods - We are #religion free and such entities are too OP. you may be able to adapt them as Aethereans who have assumed the perception as gods, but this type of character is otherwise OP and not allowed. 

  • Fandom of any kind - We do not accept any form of full on fandom even if you alter the character's name. Its really obvious to use when this happens and other lore just simply doesn't fit our homebrew.

  • Anthros | Furries  - there is some leeway when it comes to animal bases. We have some allowed character types like Therianthropes (werewolves, werecats) that are human based, fauns, centaurs, dragons and phoenixes... we even accept beast based demons. However, we have no room for full on anthros/furries that can fit our AU. 

  • Royals/leaders of absolution - You are welcome to bring in a Royal bloodline. You're welcome to start your own sect of followers . However, you will not be allowed to be the absolute ruler of any one realm or species. For example, you can be the "ruling vampire" of Florida, but not of all vampires. If you desire this role of absolution you MUST obtain it by collecting the support from other players in the group via RP and potentially challenge other potential royals/leaders. 

  • Heavy OBR canon characters without permission and vetting - There are many roles to fulfill in the prophecy. However, in order for us to maintain the story of the canon, the primary players must be OBR loyals as they will need to be consistently involved in the community to ensure they intend to stick around long enough to make an impact. We also want to ensure the player is very savvy in our atmosphere and lore before giving an important piece. Code is Horus Mewls. Prophecy based characters are plot devices and thus are primarily run by founders and GMs to provide you the story. Do not be discouraged; the story is designed to involve everyone such that everyone can impact it and not rely on any one single character.

  • Immediate High Ranks - For those who are new with us, first characters in our community that are in OBR (which we highly recommend) will be required to be an Initiate to Confrère rank; but you can choose any pathway. This is because we want to see you invested in the community before we bump your character up to a position and we want to do it via RP.


Anything that doesn't fit our lore! 
Even in some original cases homebrew clashes with our homebrew, your character has to fit in our AU and refer to things the same and use our Magic balancing system if they are capable.  Our lore is designed to be a very DIALED DOWN system such that the smallest show of magic is magnificent to people who have never seen it. Overly magical things that come to easy or cannot be explained with our system will simply not be allowed in order to keep our AU balanced. 

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