When you are ready to register, we recommend you decide if your first account will be a "player account" or a "character account". If you are simply making a player account your free to choose whatever username you'd like and skip all the information aside from your birth-date and the obvious required fields. If you are making a character account you NEED to use your character's name as the USERNAME and before it is validated you will have to complete the character sheet / profile.

Once you have made your player or first character account, you have the option to make your 1st character/additional characters through sub accounts which will be separate accounts. The following tutorial will walk you through it all.

Making an account

To register you must prove your age first.

In order to get validated, you must prove you read the information. If you get through this page tutorial then you will have your first code. 

The other three are located in their designated areas on the site. we will NOT give them to you for free.

If it's a player account choose any screen name.  But if it's for a character you MUST use your character name or we will tell you to change it later.

adding characters as sub-accounts

Your first account on the forums can be a "main" OOC account, or a primary character account. We do not mind whichever you desire to choose.

One of our forum features includes the ability to use separate sub-accounts for characters to your main profile. This page is a step by step process on how to do exactly that so you never have to post for multiple characters under a single account!  

Be sure to remember these act as seperate accounts, your settings won't transfer. Thus, you will need to go through each of them and set them up with the same settings you prefer.

Here you can see I am on my main account as Mipps but I have an option to switch accounts. This is where you toggle between your character accounts at the ease of a dropdown menu.

Click here to make a new character / sub-account

You will see this control panel for your account.
Click here to make a new character / sub-account cont.

As you can see below, I have already made quite a few characters as subaccounts. In our forums you can make as many as you want. I am going to go through the process on how to add another one. This is the same process for it being your 1st or 10th. It will be the same each and every time. 

Click here to make a new character.

In this step your going to "register a new account". The process should be the same as the first account you made for some small exceptions. 

Your username should be your character's name or alias.

Your password can be different, but for ease keep it the same as your main and other characters 

Use the same email address across all accounts! 

After you register your new character account, return to the the "switch account" option on your top navigation bar, and you will now have the option to toggle to your character

An important note. PMs are enabled on our forums. If your character receives a private message (PM) it will only display on your character. So be sure in each character account settings to set up email notifications so you don't miss PMs.Did you read and follow this to make your character? Remember this code: Nom Nom Gryos

Forgot to switch accounts when you were writing a reply? 

No big deal. The forums have a secondary drop down to toggle between characters when replying or making a new topic.

That should be all you need to know on how to set up new character accounts and swap between them.

Reminder: Be sure to remember these act as seperate accounts, your settings won't transfer. Thus, you will need to go through each of them and set them up with the same settings you prefer.

Each account needs to be verified by admin before they can be used in the group for roleplay. So, you wont be able to make any new topics. You CAN still edit and set up the character profile until then. Your character will remain in this limbo until approved by admin or moderators. 

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