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We strive to produce both a story and an environment in which people can collaboratively write free of scrutiny and censorship. While it may not be always possible, we seek to offer ways to allow all characters to impact their environment and contribute such that all characters have value to the story.

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The concept of The Order of the Black Rose, the Ten Worlds, & canon lore was created by Mipps & Morrigan.




Game Master (GM)

Game Master (GM)

The Order of the Black Rose

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The Order of the Black Rose is a strict free-form roleplay community that started out as a core group of friends on a roleplay website. Mipps wanted to bring something new to the table and explored other built groups that focused more on cities, kingdoms, royal families or overall worlds. But there were no close knit groups like a secret society. It was a perfect fit for modern world roleplay with that slight supernatural element. It is and always was designed to be a low-magic universe to make characters with even the smallest abnormal traits to stand out against the vast of humanity. 

However, despite our small following, our rich story and desire for dynamic characters without limitations or censorship put on us by our platform, we outgrew the roleplay platform when it came to dark themes in conjunction with artistic literature liberties that we strongly believe in to our core. Thus, after much blood sweat and lots of tears, we decided to take hold of that desire for liberty and created our own platform to freely express the story we so badly wanted and needed. with it, our small little secret society came with a full universe expansion, not to immediately play in; but to slowly unravel through a larger canon story.

With our own platform, we are no longer limited to one roleplay site, but a sea of roleplayers at large across the internet. While our journey has been difficult, we have created a community to call our internet family. We plan to stick around for a while and explore all of our potentials as we slowly grow. 

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We operate primarily through Discord and our Forums. But in the case something isn't working or you have questions on setting up a forum account you may contact us through the following forum to directly email the founders. 

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