We are strict, high and low fantasy community with an intense, rich story. We thrive off of dark, grimdark, and horror with adult themes to bring our Alternate Universe to life.  We are providing familiar and unfamiliar settings to keep people both comfortable and expand the imagination. While we provide a canon story that people can influence and come together on, our world is open for others to play within on the side as well. We believe the purpose of any group or community is to bring people together, and through our canon story and mission boards, we hope to lead players and their characters to lasting connections but it is up to them to take the plunge in what we offer. Thus our community is what you make it.


Features  &  quick Facts
  • Dedicated to advanced roleplayers who consider themselves "literate" - Our community is founded by advanced roleplayers who have been writing stories for years if not several decades. We enjoy 2-8 paragraphs of substance with detailed reactions to interactions and environment; we prefer characters with great effort and depth to the point they are more like people then characters. While we will always remain inclusive with no solid rule requirements on posts lengths or quality, we have and always will cater to advanced roleplayers.

  • We use Jcink forums with a Beautiful custom template that is designed to be readable, easy on the eyes with auto line breaks of beautiful gold flowers as well as bold, underline and quoted text that pops to make RP posts/replies easier and more fun to read.

  • 4 Discord Rapid-fire Discord channels for those who wish to do quick meet and greets in a quick and single sitting before making forum threads. All are designated Bars or Taverns  of some kind to help people of different natures pool together.

  • Relaxed on thread/reply timelines; our community was founded by adults with lives and we expect our members to have the same real world obligations. Thus we are friendly to those who move a little slower or are in different time zones.
    Social expectations are 1 reply every 1-3 days to about once a week. We do have a skip guideline so stories don't get held up if people go MIA.

  • We do NOT have a cap in how many characters join the community. Only Moderators can see "sub-accounts" giving everyone the option of anonymity. 

  • Adult content is allowed and protected. We only allow 18+ into the group and value protecting our members. We do our best to prevent minors from joining and will actively take steps to remove them if discovered. This is due to U.S. Laws and regulations.

  • Species are locked to allow us to control lore conflicts. Not all species are locked depending on what they are, but we have a strict setup for Fae, vampires, werewolves, demons and a couple homebrews that replace things like angels in order to balance 8 different playable worlds with different constructs; this prevents forms of OP characters from coming in and disrupting what we have made and gives players baselines to be able to interact confidently. You can expect, Humans, Vampires, werewolves, Specters, Aethereans, Sidhe, Elves, Fairy, Demons (non-religious) and more.

  • 8 playable realms that will unlock through RP that provide different genres of Modern, Victorian steampunk, Old Medieval fantasy, post-apocalyptic dystopia and more.

  • Relaxed rules on fight systems. Frankly, everyone wants to use something different and each one has their pros and cons. So we leave it up to the parties involved to decide if they wish to free-form it, use a fight system and if so, which one they want to use.

  • Strict magic laid out alignment system to balance strengths and weaknesses; furthermore, to make magic difficult and yet powerful even at the smallest levels such that every character that uses it have equal value within the world, to follow our lore system and to prevent OP constructs.

  • Our hierarchies are not monopolized by Admin and Staff; Hierarchy is designed to be fluid so you can climb all the way to the top or fall to the bottom through interactions missions and campaigns. This provides us a baseline that actions and words equal consequences for better or for worse. 

  • We have GM staff run Canon Campaigns that allow characters to impact the world and lore through RP. These are essentially like a free-form modification of D&D campaigns that follow a choose-your-own-adventure style. We understand some people would rather do their own thing in our world, off to the side rather then be involved in these, thus they will always be optional

  • ^ Yes, this means we have an overarching story plot we are following in a slow burn fashion. This entails the "Grand Prophecy" and why the Order of the Black Rose was originally created.  Essentially years worth of campaign lore to fluidly continue with canon specific characters people can influence the story through. 

  • We have multiple realms that provide different genres while still be interconnected; Modern, medieval-fantasy, Victorian-steampunk, post apocalyptic wasteland, water-world style, grim viking-esque and even a touch of the grim-sci-fi sort of world. While some of these are open from the start, others will be slowly unlocked through campaign canon missions. 

  • Members are free to make their own campaigns, plots and missions on the side that don't have anything to do with our canon so long as they fit in our world.  We left a lot of room open for creativity for people to do what they want by providing parameters to the worlds in hopes to spark RP ideas. 

  • We are all inclusive to LGBTQ+ and different lifestyles in both characters and players. You are always welcome here.  Our lore is established to give options without scrutiny. 

  • We are a religious, political and rant free zone OOC. Our forums and server keep this matter fairly moderated such that people can relax and simply have fun without thinking of the overarching matters of the world that bring negativity and conflict. 

We are a Freeform Roleplay community of creative writers who believe in artistic expression through literacy free of scrutiny and censorship.  

The Order of the Black Rose Roleplay Group © 2020 by Mipps and Morrigan